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With decades of experience in benefit administration, healthcare IT and healthcare data analytics, Aperio Health Partners (Aperio) empowers our clients with the ability to make decisions that target expense and risk reduction while offering and retaining robust employee health benefits.

As healthcare data stewards, Aperio integrates and manages data using state-of-the-art technology and security in a safe and secure environment. After a successful architectural alignment of your data, we provide guidance in translating findings into actionable practice, allowing for transparent and unobstructed insights into the current state of your population’s health.


The extraction and integration of healthcare data can be challenging and overwhelming. Aperio delivers data-driven insight to help uncover program correlations and areas of opportunity for reducing financial burdens and delivering better, high-quality healthcare. Our benefit design solutions and plan administration capabilities improve employee health, control costs and mitigate risk.


Our expansive breadth of knowledge within the healthcare industry will empower you to make better strategic decisions and enhance the opportunity to accelerate value and innovation within your health benefits. Our technology and solutions ensure your data is working for you. Our expansive breadth of knowledge within the healthcare industry will empower you to make better strategic decisions and enhance the opportunity to accelerate value and innovation within your health benefits. Our technology and solutions ensure your data is working for you.

What is big

Big data is a term for data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate to deal with them. Challenges include analysis, capture, data curation, search, storage, transfer, visualization, querying, updating and information privacy.

How we
use it ?

Aperio is a new way to look at healthcare providers. We use Big Data solutions to standardize, analyze, and unveil the mountain of healthcare data in a usable, dynamic solution. With this approach, we can drill down and discover new trends in your healthcare population to drive successful programs. We can also use the clear and decipherable costs to analyze spend, discover inflated costs and even compare your plan costs to Medicare negotiated rates. With this actionable data, our medical and pharmacy experts will reveal strategies that directly impact population health and your cost to providers.

Explainer Video

One of the greatest Cost centers of any company is health care for their employees. But with healthcare reform in flux and expenses rising, controlling this cost is more essential than ever.

Watch this video to learn more about how we Unlock Healthcare Data for Greater Insight and Better Solutions.

Our areas of

Innovative Clinical Insight:
Intuitive research and rigorous benefit design assessment allows Aperio to provide cost-saving utilization review edits with minimal-to-no member disruption. Customized clinical programs are built to address the needs of your employees. Additional enhancements are routinely recommended upon persistent monitoring of your benefit’s performance.

360-Degree View of Actionable Analytics:
Aperio’s approach to data analytics allows our partners the opportunity to realize the full value of their own data. It’s time to maximize the value of every dollar spent on healthcare. Aperio will provide a holistic 360-degree view of your population’s healthcare to uncover potential program correlations and identify the top cost drivers.

Claims Platform Communication:
A lack of standardization of healthcare data can make the idea of data integration seem cumbersome. Aperio seamlessly links technology solutions across healthcare segments to enrich and transform the delivery of healthcare benefits in synchrony with decreasing financial burdens for both consumers and providers.

Integrated Healthcare Management:
Aperio conducts robust and methodical examination and interpretation of healthcare industry regulations and guidance to leverage trends and streamline processes. Your aggregate data is manipulated to reveal opportunities to decrease healthcare spend and increase member compliance and positive clinical outcomes.

Discover. Uncover.

Extracting and integrating healthcare data analytics does not have to be onerous. Designing and implementing a pharmacy benefit program to satisfy employees and employers is not a formidable task. Aperio will be honored to guide you through these and other challenges that have seemed historically insurmountable. Aperio Health Partners is ready to partner with you to deliver intelligible healthcare analytics and straightforward, innovative prescription benefit solutions.

Clinical Services
Clinical Services

Secure the strong clinical base needed to execute financially-sound decisions about your healthcare offerings. Aperio’s pharmacists conduct a thorough review of your existing prescription benefit and enjoy uncovering potential high-cost medication/therapy pitfalls. We work with you to strategize methods of clinical combat to eliminate and/or diminish these liabilities. Our pharmacists are constantly putting fresh ideas into practice to enhance the strength of your prescription benefit.

Benefit Design
Benefit Design

Capitalize on innovative benefit design solutions that target high-cost therapies while ensuring your members receive the medications and care needed to achieve wellness. The Aperio team has decades of experience in creating custom prescription benefit design programs inclusive of rich formularies that maximize rebate dollars acquisition, and utilization management edits that ensure your members are getting the most out of their prescription benefit. We remain up-to-date on industry guidelines and verify your prescription program is compliant with any federal, state or organizational/institutional mandates.

Risk Mitigation & Predictive Modeling
Risk Mitigation & Predictive Modeling

Collaborate with Aperio to design the custom reporting package you need, and one that is visually organized to target the goals and strategies of your organization, as well as those of your employees. You can decide the optimal way to have your information delivered and presented, or you can allow our team to recommend customized reporting packages based on your objectives. There is almost limitless customization available to attain your reporting needs.

Population Health Management & Gap Care Identification
Population Health Management & Gap Care Identification

Mitigate your financial risk by utilizing predictive modeling tools that can help in assessing how efficiently your population utilizes healthcare benefits. You will gain insight into your high-cost drivers and participate in the creation of clinical programs to alleviate likely exposure. Our predictive modeling tools allow you the benefit of seeing the potential outcome of several alternative cost-saving strategies to ensure you select the best avenue for execution.

Custom Reporting
Custom Reporting

View a complete and integrated picture of your population’s health, not just abbreviated fragments. Aperio’s analytical tools and results translation easily identify care gaps that can be targeted with a wide range of successful and proven outreach, education and intervention media and methods to facilitate the movement of member behavior toward better healthcare and overall wellness resulting in more favorable financial outcomes for everyone.

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