Healthcare information resides in so many different silos that organizations often do not have one comprehensive repository of all healthcare data. Thus, any opportunity to see trends and predict outcomes within the population is greatly inhibited, often yielding inconclusive and/or delusive results. Making healthcare data aggregation even more challenging, is the fact that there is no single standardized and universally adopted format for healthcare data.

The term ‘big data’ is used to describe data sets, like those found within the healthcare industry, that are so large or complex legacy databases and software applications prove inadequate in practice. Big data’s inherent complications include the capture, analysis, data curation, search, storage, transfer, visualization, querying, updating and information privacy.

Aperio offers secure healthcare data integration solutions. The Aperio Health Analytics tool provides unparalleled insight into the ways your membership uses healthcare benefits through a full range of cloud-based solutions and services. Aperio empowers our partners to uncover insights about health plan performance, cost drivers and key trends. Together, we develop strategies for tackling and avoiding inefficiencies revealed through our sophisticated data analytics platform.

Expert analysis of your health plans’ performance and trends

Bypass the challenges of big data

Discover actionable analytics and the confidence in making decisions about your healthcare benefits

Seamless, secure, accurate and timely aggregation and presentation of your medical, pharmacy, vision and dental data

Access to the Aperio Health Analytics tool

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